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National Grid Foundation is proud to name Dr. Melony Samuels as National Grid Foundation's Woman of the Month in recognition of  Women's History Month. A woman of vision who puts the needs of others before her own. She is most certainly a role model for all young women to follow.

August 30, 2022

 Brooklyn Public Library Celebrates 125TH ANNIVERSARY AND SUMMER READING 

Foundation supported more than 60 programs that help job seekers prepare for employment Grants support training, job skills, career enhancement programs for future workforce Over 3+ years, grants totaled more than $1.4 million in community support

​The National Grid Foundation has awarded funding to more than 60 workforce development programs across its service area in New York and New England.  The funding assists the community and local economies, as job seekers -- those who remain employed, and those who seek strategies to enhance career growth -- prepare for employment opportunities. 
“Even before the full economic impact of the pandemic was known to us, the Foundation’s Board of Directors supported funding for workforce development programs,” said Edward White, National Grid Foundation Executive Director. “During the pandemic we became acutely aware that as our communities would begin to emerge from the devastating effects of COVID-19, there would be a great need, and emphasis on developing the ‘new normal’ workforce of the future.  We felt very strongly that a substantive investment in this area would aid the critical need for skilled workers.”​During the last three-plus years, the National Grid Foundation has invested $1,423,000 in workforce development programs.  In 2021 and the first six months of 2022, the Foundation’s Board approved approximately $788,000 of funding in this area. 


University of Massachusetts,  Dartmouth B.A.,



“As we look toward a vibrant and inclusive future, workforce development and education programs, as well as opportunities for those reentering the job market, will help equip potential employees with the skills necessary to reach their full potential,” said Eileen Cohen, Chair, National Grid Foundation Board of Directors.  “I am thrilled the Foundation can help bolster our local talent pipeline through our workforce development grants. The organizations receiving these grants support our community with job training, academic and technical support and community services. Together, we will make a lasting impact in our neighborhoods and regional economies for years to come.”

While celebrating its 125th anniversary, the Brooklyn Public Library kicked off this year’s Summer Reading program at a fun event in June. The day was filled with face-painting, music, dancing and of course reading. National Grid’s own Lauren Bradley volunteered and informed parents of the Library’s First Five Years Reading Program and helped kids create birthday cards for the Library. The Summer Reading program aims to keep reading entertaining and educational. This year’s theme is “You’re Invited – 125th Anniversary.”

 “For 125 years, the Brooklyn Public Library has been the place for Brooklynites of all ages to go to read, learn and become part of the community,” said Ed White, Executive Director, National Grid Foundation. “The Foundation is a long-time supporter of the Library’s successful Summer Reading Program. This program is so important to the education of children and young people. It ensures that children don’t fall behind in their reading skills and learning. Each year, there is a new, fun and innovative program theme that encourages children to participate and continue their reading throughout the summer. National Grid Foundation wishes the Brooklyn Public Library a Happy 125th Anniversary!”

"The result of programs we support never cease to amaze me. I met so many young men and their families who trusted the NYPD Foundation with providing academic help along with mental & physical therapy through the sport of Football. There were so many tears but not of sadness, pure happiness.
The National Grid Foundation sponsored summer program gave these young men an opportunity to go places and experience things they wouldn’t have especially after a long pandemic. I couldn’t be more proud to work along side organizations like the NYPD Foundation with the National Grid Foundation."

By Christine Berardi

Kelly Rubbins, Executive Assistant. Al Wiltshire former chairman of National Grid Foundation Board and Ed White, Executive Director.

Yum! Grassroots Gardens WNY’s community gardens are growing and producing delicious and nutritious vegetables for the Buffalo community. Cabbages, peppers and tomatoes are the top three requested crops. Sweet corn, Kohlrabi and garlic can also be found in gardens.
With National Grid Foundation’s grant support, Grassroots distributed 30 flats of vegetable seedlings and 34 yards of soil which were distributed across its network this spring and summer. In the fall, the organization will provide compost to any community gardens requesting it, tulips and garlic.
Five accessible raised garden beds were purchased and delivered to the Buffalo Freedom Gardens. Accessibility improvements have been made at the Victory Garden where Grassroots provided gardening tools, trellises and soil. The Celtic Place community garden joined the large group of Buffalo’s volunteer led community gardens. The garden received soil, plants and raised beds. This month, Grassroots will provide compost to any community garden requesting it.

"If it weren't for the mentors and guidance from School on Wheels, I would have dropped out my first day of college," said Tayyaba. Once homeless, this orientation leader worked 30 hours a week throughout her college career and boasts a 3.9 GPA.  Her sights now are to find an accounting job with tuition reimbursement as she works through a master's degree in taxation. 

Tayyaba plans to give back to future students of SOWMA any way she can. "You have been a help to me and my whole family," she said.

SOWMA's Bridge Mentoring Programis designed to help teens experiencing homelessness stay engaged in high school and supported through college or vocational training.

Here's to a Bright & Hopeful  New Year 2023

-- Kelly Rubbins

Many Gardens Grow in Buffalo

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By Christine Berardi

Support from National Grid Foundation, and ​On Point for College, created this excellent connection For Naseer Thomas

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Naseer Thomas

Is an ambassador for ​National Grid’s ​Grid for Good program.