“Whenever I went to a library as a child, I never borrowed a book. I was more interested in exploring the library than actually reading books. I grew up with the idea that a library was just a weirdly quiet ocean filled with waves of books. I honestly did not know what to think when I signed up to volunteer at the Sheepshead Bay Library two years ago.

However, what I saw was not a place of gloom and boredom, it was a place of culture and love. What I never expected to see was a loving community of staff, volunteers, teens, children, toddlers, SYEP participants, program participants and patrons. I am so happy that I get the opportunity to work at Sheepshead Bay Library again. I was surprised to see the many exciting, informational, and cultural programs and events for everyone in the community. Everyday I come to the library to join other teens for summer reading, I see kids enjoying their books and pleading their parents for five more minutes. I see children eating the free lunches and writing book reviews for the Summer Reading program. I see the staff and patrons interacting through the many programs and activities that we have. Everyday, I see the smiles on everyone’s faces.

Summer Reading 2018 really changed my life. I usually never read in the summer. However, because of the Summer Reading 2018 program provided by Brooklyn Public Library and Beanstack, I found myself reading more than I ever had before. Surprisingly, I found myself enjoying the books and wanting to read more. I was also extremely excited to share my reading experience on Beanstack.

I would like to thank everyone at Sheepshead Bay Library for being so accepting  and so friendly. I hope that this library will continue to prosper and grow and that the community will forever be so lively and lovely.” – Peggie Liang, age 17

True Life Story:

​Read this mother’s testimony of how her children’s lives are transformed as they improve their reading skills.

The programs offered at the library have guided us. It has been two years since the kids started reading books in English, enjoying the activities at the library and sharing their knowledge with their friends back home. It has given them the confidence to continue learning and to be open to others.                

Summer Reading Program.


“I love reading, playing with the computers, doing arts and crafts, and building with Legos. The first summary I prepared for the reading competition was so hard but when I continued reading and doing summaries it became easier and faster. I loved the invention category and I enjoyed sharing with others and getting likes 

[on the Beanstack website].” 

True Life Story:

for its support of the

Here is their feedback:

Two years ago I came to New York from Lebanon with my husband and my twin children, Aya and Iwan. They were 6 years old at the time. English was their third language and they used to take class a few hours a week.

The first thing we located in our neighborhood was the library. With the help of a wonderful librarian team, the kids quickly felt at home and loved the place.

The librarians helped us choose books and the kids started reading in English. It was hard at the beginning but with the help of the variety of programs my kids were excited to come to the library, read and play.

We left New York for home in early 2017 but came back in June for a two month visit. The first thing the kids asked was, “Can we go to the library, please, please, pleaaaase?” This time they were more confident to choose the books they liked.

The librarian told me about the Summer Reading program and the kids once again were excited to take part.


“It was hard for me to read big books. Mom and the librarian helped me. I got the idea to draw a summary and later write about it. After that I started reading and reading alone. It is fun doing all the categories [on the Summer Reading game board]. I volunteered, invented a doll and music instrument, wrote songs and played.”



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