A Micro - Grant Gives Maximum Benefits

P373 Brooklyn Transition Center students show their well-deserved ​National Grid Foundation Eco Award which was specially created out of recycled material.

The National Grid Foundation Eco-Education Award goes to …

P373 Brooklyn Transition Center for their outstanding work to enhance the school’s recycling center.

P 373K Brooklyn Transition Center received a $2,000 micro-grant from Citizens Committee for New York City which was part of a $25,000 National Grid Foundation grant. The students put the funds to good use initiating a school-wide environmental endeavor focusing on improving the school’s recycling program. 

The school which educates nearly 400 students ages 13 to 21 with autism, learning disabilities, and mild to moderate developmental disabilities helped to include visual and other  to accommodate a variety of learning styles and abilities for students with special needs.

​Please visit

Citizens Committee For New York City 

website to see how they are helping to change lives in our communities with National Grid Foundation's support.