Mission Statement

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□  Capital campaigns, including purchasing vehicles
□  Direct scholarships
□  Conferences and seminars (cost of event location, tables, and guest speakers)
□  General operating expenses, including transportation costs

​□  Endowment campaigns

​□  Individual grants
□  Support for religious, political, fraternal, social or other membership organizations
□  In-coming applications from organizations that have received a grant within the last 12 months;
​only one application per organization will be evaluated each

□  Applicant is a 501c3 non-profit organization
□  Grant supports classroom based educational programs, especially students K-12
□  Grant supports scholarship/university partnerships and programs that support and advance underserved communities
□  Grant builds skills training
□  Grant enhances the quality of life to increase economic strength of the community
□  Grant encourages environmental stewardship
□  Grant supports projects and programs that seek to preserve open spaces for future generations
□  Grant supports projects/programs that encourage the sustainability of natural resources
□  Grant supports the education of, connection to and responsibility for the environment

Our educational priorities include:​

Through research, surveys and interviews with members of our community, we discovered that education and the environment are major areas of concern for today and the future. The National Grid Foundation supports these important issues wholeheartedly.

We strive to improve the quality of life within our grant-making area by supporting educational opportunities that assist people of all ages and give them opportunities for self sufficiency.

  • Classroom-based education for​ K-12 students
  • Innovative scholarship and university partnerships that support and advance underserved members of our community
  • Skills training for people of all ages to lead more productive lives

The National Grid Foundation also is committed to the environment. We provide grants to organizations that share our passion for environmental stewardship.

Areas of Focus

National Grid Foundation only focuses its grants on education and environment programs. Fundraising and other charity events are not included.

  • Projects that support the sustainability of our natural resources
  • Programs and projects that inspire and educate young people about their connection to and responsibility for the preservation of the environment
  • Projects that seek to preserve open spaces for future generations

​Our environmental priorities include:

WE BELIEVE that addressing global issues begins at the local level. We support and engage non-profit organizations that take ownership for implementing educational and environmental programs and solutions. These partnerships help build stronger communities -- the important first step in transforming individuals, neighborhoods, cities and, ultimately, our planet.