Robotics COMPETITION 2019

Photo at Right: At this year’s competition, another student sets up her EV3 robot on the competition field to compete in the challenge as volunteer judges oversee an active round of the tournament.

National Grid Foundation.

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Mercy Works Internships Benefit Both Mercy Works Students and Local Businesses

Photo courtesy: Friends of the Children — Boston

National Grid Foundation has awarded $15,000 to Discovery Museum to provide in-school Traveling Science Workshops and museum field trips to elementary and middle school students in Lowell and Lawrence for the 2019-2020 school year. Up to 1,000 students will be served through the grant.

executive director, 

Volunteers who helped Light the Night  from National Grid and National Grid Foundation

Ed White

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 At this year’s Robotics Competition held at the Melnea Cass Center on May 4, a middle school student makes some final changes to his EV3 robot on the practice field before competing.

​​Helping Our Communities

At Friends of the Children, Boston Students Say
​“Thank You for Being a Friend”

“National Grid Foundation and National Grid are extremely proud to come together in support of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society,”

Read about their story in the Foundation Newsletter

National Grid Foundation
volunteers to Light the Night to wipe out blood cancer.

Photo courtesy: Mercy Works

To see a complete list of community organizations receiving funding, visit:

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