true life story

Greetings, my name is Mandy Chen from the Staten Island Solar Car Team.

I want to share the eye opening experience I had with the club, its members, and with the Solar Car Challenge. I joined the team in my freshman year of high school with absolutely no knowledge on cars nor technical activities. Terms like soldering, schematics, and circuits were all unfamiliar to me in March of 2021. In June of 2021, I was at the closed-track race event at the Texas Motor Speedway watching the solar car take off. I took on the role of trailering, flagging, and handling the aux batteries within the solar car. I even had the opportunity to create my own schematic of the main battery system within the solar car. Did I mention I pumped my first tire at the Solar Car club?

What started as a spark of curiosity ended in a new pathway of engineering and a secondary family. I have learned so much within the span of a few months on the Staten Island Solar Car Team and I hope to spend the remaining years of my high school career a part of the team as well. This experience was truly one I could not have imagined and it has impacted me so much as a timid high schooler afraid of stepping out of their comfort zone.

So, I want to personally thank you for your sponsorship and contribution to our team.