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Tyreke is a 21 year old male who was previously working at Dunkin Donuts and working on his music, one of his many passions. He learned about the SEAT Center from a previous employee and wanted to learn a trade and build a career. At SEAT, Tyreke has been able to obtain hands-on learning, increase his job training knowledge, and learn more about construction and the skills needed to enter into the trades. "I'm in a totally different trajectory of life. If it wasn't for this program, I would have a bland life just working at an entry level job and not being productive. I have found new things to learn and new ways to grow. I am looking forward to where my life is going."  The staff love working with Tyreke as he is positive and excited about possibilities and has taken advantage of new opportunities that have come to him through programming. He is on time every day, supports his peers, fully participates in programming, and has demonstrated that he is a strong leader. 


Tyreke Keene

​​new ways to grow