Please read the content below to determine whether or not your organization qualifies for support.​

The National Grid Foundation strives to improve the quality of life within our grant-making area. Grants are made on a competitive basis to non-profit organizations for programs and projects within our major focus areas of: ​

Are you eligible for a grant?

The National Grid Foundation views its role as that of more than a funder. We seek to develop partnerships with outstanding organizations that benefit the communities in which we make grants. The National Grid Foundation has moved to an invitation-only application process.

In general, we will review proposals in the $5,000 - $20,000 range depending on the potential impact of the grant, the status of our budget and the worthiness of competing proposals being evaluated.

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  • Short organization profile
  • Brief outline describing program or project request
  • Potential impact of initiative: program goals; proposed metrics;​  and projected achievements
  • Level of funding requested

Grants are limited to charitable organizations, which at a minimum meet the following criteria:

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Grant Range

​​​Please provide :

Designated as a 501 (c)(3) organization by the Internal Revenue Service

Provides programs and services in the National Grid Foundation grant-making territory.

Grant Process

The National Grid Foundation has recently moved to an invitation-only application process. We will require a one-page Executive Summary of your request, including: program/project title and description; number of people organization/program serves; justification for support; visibility opportunities; and level of proposed grant request.

We operate our grant cycle on an annual basis from January through December. Proposals for a given year will be accepted and reviewed through October 31. Only one application per organization (or affiliate institution) will be evaluated in any given year. Proposals will generally be reviewed on a quarterly basis after which all applicants will be notified in writing if a grant has been awarded or declined.

If a grant is awarded, a new proposal will not be considered for a period of one year from the award date. If you did not receive a grant, you may reapply 12 months from the date of your last grant application.

​​New Easier Way to Apply for a Grant!

Welcome to the National Grid Foundation. We have streamlined our grant review process to make it easier and quicker to submit a request for proposal, reducing costs and time to complete an application.

Grant Proposal Guidelines


You may submit a one-page “Word” document to: 

Based on a review of summaries, selected organizations will then be “invited” to submit a formal application, available at the Cybergrants web portal.

Organizations not selected may submit another program or project summary during the next quarterly review cycle.​